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My Day Today Thursday October 28, 2021

GRATITUDE Waking song today was a great reminder of what our life is all about. It is “I will love You Lord with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and all my strength. Prophet prayer … Continue reading

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In The Presence of the Lord

Carrying Others Into the Presence of the Lord After We spend Time in His Presence Ourselves This message is about something I just spent the weekend learning about myself. It’s about carrying others into the glory (presence) of Jesus. Like the 4 … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times: Knowing Jesus & Heavens Plans

Matthew 16  – Signs of the Times, Knowing Jesus & Heavens Plans Text: Read Matthew 16May 18, 2020Discerning the Signs of the TimesThe religious leaders were looking for a miraculous sign from heaven. Jesus told them that though they were able … Continue reading

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More Than Enough God!

More Than Enough God! I had a dream last night about a grocery store. In it, I saw a line of grocery baskets. I asked the Lord to show me what this means. As I began to read the word … Continue reading

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