Fish N Loaves Ministries is called to help build and equip churches and ministries through the preaching and teaching of God’s word.

We work with ministries and churches in equipping and empowering people through the Word of God, so that they may grow, expand, and prosper in the kingdom.

The very name of our ministry is titled after the multiplication of the fish and loaves in the Bible. We start with a small thing, and lifting it up to the Lord, we give Him thanks for causing it to grow and feed many.

God’s Word is food for the nations. It is our heart’s desire to feed the nations the Word of God as He feeds us so they can go out and multiply themselves.

ABOUT THE STEARNS: Dennis (Denny) has been a businessman his entire life. As a longtime business owner in his earlier years and a current insurance agent, Denny has a passion for seeing businesses succeed. His ability to bring God into the marketplace has enabled him to touch many lives through prayer and healing. He also has a strong ability to teach practical lessons for daily life.

Hanny (rhymes with Bonnie) has spent most of her life in the insurance business. She holds a current insurance license and works with her husband Denny to assist people on Medicare with choosing their plans. 

In recent years, Hanny has focused most of her attention on the study of the Bible and evangelism. Having taught children from grades 1 through 12 with a well-known international Bible study organization, she is passionate about the word of God. Her desire to witness to people about Jesus is is in the forefront of all she does.

Married later in life, Denny and Hanny came together by the hand of God. At that time, Denny was already working with a pastor from Liberia, Africa whose desire was to build a bigger place for his congregation to worship. When they married in 2014, Denny and Hanny began working together with this husband and wife pastor team.

Since 2014, the Stearns have been used by the Lord to pray for and witness to many. Their passion is to work together as a team to create marketplace opportunities for the people of God in order to equip them to become financially prosperous and able, then, to sow into God’s kingdom.

Hanny had a very broken childhood and also in her adult years before becoming born again at the age of nearly 50. She experienced many hurts and traumas that the Lord miraculously saved her from and has a heart to reach hurting people. Because of the many things she experienced from addiction to homelessness, she has a passion to “help others up” from the same issues she faced.