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My Day Today Thursday October 28, 2021


Waking song today was a great reminder of what our life is all about. It is “I will love You Lord with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and all my strength.

Prophet prayer sessions with Jennifer LeClaire is really helping me to stand strong in faith in God’s delivering power. A prophet’s calling seems to be quite challenging indeed. Looking at the things coming in to my email, the word in our church’s daily chapter, and meetings and experiences, I am taking a moment to just jot down the things I am seeing in the word.

One minister friend of mine reminds me to stay rooted and built up in Christ and to have gratitude. I am also reminded that no matter what, I am complete IN HIM!

Another thing I am seeing in her words of encouragement to me are to continue to be grateful no matter what is going on in the battles we face each day. I’m so glad that God is for me and He is patient with me. I have been through so much these past two and a half years, and as hard as it may have been, God has been so good to me.

I am reminded to stop regretting my past, the things I didn’t get done yet, etc., etc., etc. I am reminded that the past is a lesson book to help me better prepare for my future. That future is to be a blessing to others. So as I go through the trial, I look up above myself to the Lord my God and continue to fly high above the storms. Today was a very stormy autumn day with the wind and the rain. Eagles fly high.

What matters most is that God keeps protecting us and bringing us through it to what we can choose to be a higher, deeper, closer place in Him. To just “BE” instead of always doing. Today I am grateful for every good thing the Lord has done for me and for Him just being here. I am grateful for the grace of God given to me in Christ Jesus. I am grateful for Jesus confirming me to the end. All according to 1 Corinthians 1. My desire is through Him to be found blameless in the day of Christ.

Also in that chapter, I look to the Lord for my wisdom, because mine will always fall short. To be led by His Spirit and speak His words of life over myself and others and stop speaking the problem, thereby fueling the darts of the attacks. Instead, when we speak life over ourselves and circumstances, then it is life that we will have. For all of this we can be so grateful – amen!

Today and everyday, may we invite God into our life and every detail of our day. Lean on Him for direction and pay attention to the signs of His leading. I am so grateful that His love wins in every trial and hurt. His love is peace. His love is joy. It is grace, mercy and forgiveness.

Today, after a long time away from writing, the thing God has called me to have a passion for, I am stepping out in faith with the hope of blessing and encouraging someone else, as God encourages me too. May this touch you and bring you something you needed to hear today in Jesus Name. Amen.

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In The Presence of the Lord

Carrying Others Into the Presence of the Lord After We spend Time in His Presence Ourselves

This message is about something I just spent the weekend learning about myself. It’s about carrying others into the glory (presence) of Jesus. Like the 4 men who lowered their friend down through the roof to get him help because he was in need of healing. We can take others with us as we go – there are opportunities all around us.

It’s exciting to think about working and ministering to people as we go through our everyday life – house to house, person to person.

Many go to church but don’t get into the presence of the Lord! See Mark 2 about the friends who lowered the sick friend through the roof in front of Jesus.

Mark 2:1-5 NKJV Bible Gateway Online

Jesus Forgives and Heals a Paralytic

And again He entered Capernaum after some days, and it was heard that He was in the house. 2 Immediately many gathered together, so that there was no longer room to receive them, not even near the door. And He preached the word to them. 3 Then they came to Him, bringing a paralytic who was carried by four men. 4 And when they could not come near Him because of the crowd, they uncovered the roof where He was. So when they had broken through, they let down the bed on which the paralytic was lying. 5 When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven you.”People need to be carried into His presence.

We can do this in many ways, like…Our listening

Our words

Our time

Our faith

Our money

We can take them to a place they have not been. The friends went through some serious opposition to get the friend in front of Jesus. Even while we are still walking our our healing, God can use us to help others in their journey.

As we help them – the Lord will help us. It’s that giving and receiving law that never fails no matter what we are talking about. God works through imperfect people. It will never be about how much we have accomplished or achieved or what we know.

We must stay alert to those who are right in front of us who need help.

People need to be heard. They need help. We can step out in faith and show the Lord that we have His heart to help people all along the paths that we walk each day.

Our ministry is now! Every born again Christian has a ministry to others in this earth while we are here – regardless of what our main or specific calling may be. 

As we move from person to person – rivers of living water will flow from our belly.

We want to be a yielded vessel so He can use us. He wants all the gifts of Holy Spirit to be used in us as we go when we are operating on this level. 

We need to care more for others. We spend far too much time on ourselves and what we are facing. Turn that focus outward and let God be God and He will focus on us!

We can use the phone or email, anything that will help us reach out and touch someone.

Whatever you are learning right now can be used to share with others so they can learn along with you.

Be focused house to house, and person to person.

Whether to the people in church or on the street, at the grocery store or at our jobs each day, it can be non stop ministry – like Paul. See the book of Acts.

He made tents and worked and helped those who were with him while he ministered and started churches. He spent his time in the synagogue on the weekend. Wherever he was, he was about the Father’s business.

See Luke 2:49

And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?

Even as a child, Jesus, while still learning Himself, was about the Father’s house and business in the temple.

Key Point! We must be fed first so that we have something to give to others. Ministry on our own without getting alone with Jesus and feasting at His table will leave us empty and dry.

God is a still small voice. We have to take the time to tune everything else out and be quiet so we can hear His voice. We need to get into His presence.

With that said, I spent the afternoon on Monday starting to rest. After the nap I felt so calm and peaceful as I laid on the bed with Jesus.

But I didn’t stay there long before that enemy called distraction and busyness started to creep in little by little. I only intended to get up long enough to go to the restroom and ended up doing some unpacking from the weekend. Then I began getting my notebook put together from the weekend in the Lord’s presence at the Healing School I attended in Tampa. 

As I started to read my notes and continued to hear the song that had resonated in my spirit all day about Jesus coming to take His bride away, I stopped what I was doing and went to lay down for a short time. The song is titled, Even So by Terry Macalmon. Excellent!

By then it was time to walk our doggie and, I thought, to start dinner before my husband got home. However, he called and said he would be late. So even though I didn’t have that soaking in God’s presence in the morning, I could have had a full afternoon and evening of soaking since bedtime came and my husband still wasn’t home.

But instead I got busy cooking and making our dinners along with some baking for the next day. 

In reality I could have skipped all that and made my husband a bowl of soup or a frozen entree and had all afternoon and evening in the presence of Jesus – the one place I needed to be the most!

This weekend I had opened to this…

2 Corinthians 3:17-18

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

When I turned to that this weekend, I didn’t know for sure if that was the verse Holy Spirit was trying to highlight to me. Now I realize it was.

How did I finally see all this?

It just so happened (no coincidences with God) that I received a blog from a well known female in a healing ministry in my email; not once, not twice, but three times.

And what was the blog about? Soaking in the presence of the Lord where He can renew our strength and fill us. That filling we all need and were born for so we can be used by the Lord to help others get into His presence where they too can be healed, transformed and strengthened for the battles of this daily life that try to steal so much from us.

Martha was so busy, but Mary had chosen the best thing that would never be taken away from her. Hence, the picture at the beginning. 

Moses spent all that time with the Lord and when he came away from that time alone with God, He was glowing!

I would rather have come through this day with a glow and a flow rather than a short list of unnecessary accomplishments that could have waited until tomorrow.

When these moments come, that spirit of drivenness can come and steal what can never be replayed again; for there will never be another today.

It is spent and over and the choices we made to either come away from Jesus when He is calling or choosing to let Him sit there outside of our heart and just long to come in is a daily choice for us all that we must reckon with.

We heard this weekend that many of us want to be called Christians and have a ministry and time to do all that life requires, but let’s face it head on.

If a car doesn’t get gas, it won’t run.

Conversely, if the born again Christian doesn’t continue to get filled and refilled in the Lord’s presence, we will continue to drag from one day to another in some sort of dry survival mode going from one thing to another with no real joy, peace or satisfaction.

We sang an old rock n roll song this weekend during the meeting. The band leader had changed the words to make it a Christian song. It’s that old song so many of us know from our not so bright past – “I can’t get no satisfaction. The singer added these words that we all sang out – Without Jesus, no, no, no.

How true it is.

So what started my day was a reminder to stay another day “in my Father’s house after a glorious weekend of classes, worship, receiving and healing ministry. I discovered that I really needed to do what the pastor said right before the healing service ended late Sunday evening. Take this glory home and continue to soak in it. Don’t let it fade away.

So as I end this day with regrets that it didn’t go as it could have, I remember the promise of my Shepherd’s voice who has assured me through many scriptures, songs, people and circumstances that He will bring me through this to the other side – the place of glory.

And the only way I will get there is floating on a single board in the deep – not sailing in my big comfortable boat. (Another story for another time)

It’s time for my boat to break up and I will just have to jump in the water with Jesus and let Him get me to the next destination with Him – even though it looks very scary. How about you?

Friend, I hope this encourages you and inspires you like it did me. I am inspired to get into the presence of Jesus every chance I can and remember that I carry Him with me everywhere I go because by His Holy Spirit, He is living in us. He is closer than our breath. He is inviting us with a respectful and gentle knock on the door of our hearts every day. 

“Will you let Me come in and fellowship with you? Will you let me comfort you and heal the places where you hurt? Will you let me give you the times of refreshing and the strength that you need to do what I have created you to do?” 

Yes, Jesus is calling us into His presence where there is indeed, fullness of joy. 

Be blessed my brother and sister in Christ! 

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Signs of the Times: Knowing Jesus & Heavens Plans

Matthew 16  – Signs of the Times, Knowing Jesus & Heavens Plans

Text: Read Matthew 16May 18, 2020Discerning the Signs of the Times
The religious leaders were looking for a miraculous sign from heaven. Jesus told them that though they were able to tell what was going to happen with the weather by the signs in the sky, they were not able to see what was happening from heaven though He was standing right in front of them. They did not want to see.
Asking for a sign was a futile attempt to see something else that really wouldn’t cause them to change anyway. Their hearts were not for the things of God, really. It was all a mockery.Jesus told them what they would see and that would be sign enough. The only sign would be the death and resurrection of Jesus. If that didn’t move them from their religious value system, nothing would.
What Can Ruin A Good Loaf of Bread? What Can Bring Bad Teaching to God’s People? A Ungodly Leadership Can Spoil a Whole Group of People. Vs. 5-12Leaven – meaning, something that corrupts or depraves.
Leaving the scene where Jesus was confronted by the Pharisees and Sadducees, Jesus took the opportunity to teach the disciples about the doctrines (teachings) of those leaders.When the disciples discovered that they forgot to bring bread, it became the perfect opportunity for Jesus to teach them about the people they had just seen Him talking with. He likened their teachings to leaven in bread, and at the same time addressed the disciples lack of faith when they were worried about not having food.
First, the Lord reminded them about the other miracles they had seen when the multitudes of people had been fed on the previous occasions. It’s amazing how quickly we can forget the former miracles when a new opportunity of need presents itself.
He was able to turn their physical concerns into a faith building lesson while using the very food being discussed as a teaching point of great significance. Jesus was more concerned with their spiritual nutrition that day than their concern for natural bread.
The Lord wanted to show them, and us, that religious leaders and even people we know in our lives today can lead people astray and make the whole batch bad. We can’t eat good spiritual bread from that kind of teaching.
God would always provide what they needed in the natural if they would only believe. But they needed to learn of true spiritual things that would nourish their souls.
Recognizing Jesus for Who He Really Is Vs. 13-18
The conversation that begins in verse 13 about who Jesus is leads to a wonderful revelation about the assignment on Peter’s life. When asked who Peter thought Jesus was he gave the right answer, knowing that He is the Christ – the Son of the living God.
Jesus told him that it was only because the Father revealed this to him that he could truly see this. Look at the cross reference to this that no man can come to the Lord unless they are drawn by the Father in heaven. 
John 6:44
No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.
People won’t see Jesus for who He really is unless the Father God in heaven reveals it to them. This is His grace that draws us in like a magnet of love.
Jesus advised Peter that he would be a rock on which He would build His church. The devil would have no way to successfully stop it. The Lord was showing Peter that day what God’s plan for his life was going to be. That was a good day for Peter in light of his future failures that would cause him some serious grief. It would surely be a foundation that would help him to repent and come back to the Lord after having denied Him 3 times. When we know the plan of God for our lives, it will sustain us in times of great trial.  
Keys to Unlock Heaven’s Kingdom on Earth Vs. 19-20
Jesus was giving out keys that day. He advised the disciples that the key to the kingdom of heaven would be according to what they would allow on earth, saying it would be backed up in heaven. Also, that what they would not allow on earth would be also be disallowed in heaven.
To summarize this, God is saying to us that whatever we allow on this earth in our lives, heaven will agree with it. Conversely, what we don’t allow will also be backed up by heaven. It’s up to us to know our authority and take it. We should be taking actions to stop the devil from stealing things from our lives.  
Jesus did not permit the disciples to tell others about who He truly is. It wasn’t time for others to know that yet. Certain things would have to happen before they could start spreading the word, and God didn’t want their words to stop what He had set in motion for the plan of salvation for all mankind.
Getting His Students Ready for What Was Ahead Vs. 21-23
When Jesus told the disciples what He would have to suffer at the hand of the Jewish leaders, Peter rose up and said he wouldn’t let that happen. But Jesus quickly rebuked the devil working through him. Peter wasn’t speaking about the heavenly purposes at that point. The devil can even use God’s people to try to get his agenda spoken into the world to carry out his plans of destruction.
If the devil can get us to think and talk like the ungodly world, he can bring his evil plans to pass. Jesus knew immediately that this was satan at work and He stopped it immediately. It really matters what we say and what we allow.
Look how quickly the enemy tried to destroy God’s plan through Peter’s mouth following Jesus’ admonition. The devil was right there looking for an opportunity to a man’s voice to speak it out. He used Peter’s love for Jesus to act as a sounding board, playing on his emotions to say something that would go directly against the plans of God. The devil knows that when we speak, things happen according to our words. We are made in God’s image, and when He speaks, things happen. It’s the same with us. Study Genesis 1 for further details on this subject.
Living for Jesus Vs. 24-26The Lord went on to further teach the disciples that anyone who wants to follow Him must lay down their lives and carry their cross. What does this mean for us? Paul was a great example of living for Jesus. Look at this in the book of Acts.
Acts 20:24
But none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.
Paul saw the souls of mankind as a much greater value than living for himself in this life. Does this mean we don’t have anything at all for ourselves? Not at all. It means putting God’s things first in our hearts, our finances, our conversations, our work, and relationships. In summary, everything in our lives as Christians should be lived for the ultimate purpose of the advancement of the gospel in the way the Lord calls each of us to do it.
We are literally called to despise anything that will get in our way (even family) and hinder us from carrying out God’s assignment for our lives.
Luke 14:26
“If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.
Peter had a great assignment to build the church after Jesus left to go back to heaven. We also have an assignment specific to the gifts that have been given to each one of us. No two calling assignments will be the same, and every human being alive has a call on their life to serve the Lord. The question remains, how many will carry it out?
Jesus was showing them how to prioritize their lives in order to save their souls for eternity. He is saying the same thing to you and me. To be heavenly minded and not worldly minded would mean losing their own ways of doing things the way Jesus did. When He came, He laid down His life and doing things like the ungodly world so He could bring many to heaven in the end. He didn’t fulfill the lusts of His flesh, but rather focused on the things of eternal value.
He went on to show them that it would be of no profit whatsoever to try to save their lives in living for themselves. According to Jesus, in trying to save our lives, we will lose them. But in losing ourselves and our own ambitions for the sake of the gospel, we will gain life for our souls which go on throughout eternity, either in heaven or hell. Nothing is worth losing out on being with Jesus for eternity – nothing!
Rewards in The Kingdom Vs. 27-28
When Jesus comes back in His glory, He will reward each of us according to our work. He wants to give us rewards. That blesses Him and it will bless us. We want to go for those rewards – there’s not a thing wrong with that.
The final sentence in this chapter shows us how quickly things can change. Our lives are short. For those standing there within the sound of Jesus’ voice that day, some would see Him return in His kingdom. In other  words, as Simeon saw the baby Jesus, so the disciples and many followers would see Him transfigured after His resurrection. In the future, the same thing will happen when some of us are alive when Jesus returns to the earth the second time. Some will still be living to see it while many will not.
It’s always amazing to me how the Lord brings things together to teach us. He uses our circumstances and actions to show us the principles set forth in His eternal word every day that we study. Yesterday’s church service was about this very topic of eternal life and not seeking to save one’s own life, but to lose it for Christ’s sake.
My husband and I were considering making a sizable purchase for a personal item. It would be more of a luxury than a necessity. During the church service we were both prompted by the Holy Spirit of God to extend some financial resources to a sister in the family of God and her children. We were delighted to be asked to do that and responded cheerfully. The amazing thing was that we had both been prompted by the Lord to do this individually, so we got the confirmation that God was giving us an opportunity to sow into someone’s life.
Later in the day, the person who received the blessing was moved to tears and so were we. God had been so good to us in this season of Covid19, that it was our delight to extend His provision to someone in need. We decided to get a less costly item instead of the one we were discussing just yesterday, and we felt so good about it.
There are many ways we can lay down our lives and take up our cross to follow Jesus. For each one of us, there will be different requirements. All we have to do is be willing, and God will lead the way. I heard a song this morning titled “Heaven on Earth.” In it, the words say, “Let Your kingdom come, let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven – heaven on earth.” That was God’s original plan when He created the earth for us to begin with. Adam and Eve were placed in a perfect place with every possible provision and then given the authority to take dominion over it, to be fruitful and multiply.
All we need to do is get a glimpse of eternity in light of how short our time on earth will be. It really will matter in the end how we spend our time on earth, as brief as it is. Look at the following verse to gain a deeper perspective. Just today, I had distractions coming at me from every direction and I almost got busy doing something else before this Bible study. But I grabbed myself and just went to sit down and pray in the spirit for about 20 minutes. By the time I was done, my priorities were back in line with God’s priorities and I was headed to my office and the keyboard. Praise God!
2 Corinthians 4:17-18
For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.
How About You?
Isn’t this a great time to look at your priorities in life and ask the Lord to help reassess them? It’s never too late as long as we are alive to get started. Better late than never, amen?

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More Than Enough God!

More Than Enough God!

I had a dream last night about a grocery store. In it, I saw a line of grocery baskets. I asked the Lord to show me what this means. As I began to read the word this morning, Holy Spirit enlightened me as I read the account of Jesus feeding the five thousand. I was reading in Mark 6:31-51.

The entire chapter was really ministering to me; however, this part really spoke to me. Starting in verse 30, Jesus was calling the disciples to go away to a place where they could take a break to eat and rest. Even Jesus got tired and needed to eat and sleep. Here we see that even though He tried to take a break, He noticed a lot of people coming after Him to get help. He was moved with compassion and began to teach them many things. He set His need to eat and rest aside to keep on helping others. He wouldn’t turn them away. He is so amazing in His endless love for people. Later, I hope you’ll listen to the song listed below that speaks to this very issue.

After they spent the day listening to Jesus, the disciples recommended that they be sent away to get their nourishment, but Jesus had a better plan. The Father was fully prepared to feed the flock after they had spent time with the Word – Jesus. This is a sign of spending time to seek the Lord and getting around to the food and sleep later. This is something I have experienced on many occasions, and missed it on many other. How about you?  

What God wants to feed us for our soul is far better than what is on the breakfast table. One reason we can miss those moments can be a fear of lack or a sign of busyness. We are afraid that if we don’t get to the food now, we may not have what we need later. But that is not what we see here. We also think that we need to keep up the daily routine when the thing we really need the most is to spend time with Jesus.

Our loving heavenly Father is showing us that when we seek Him first to get filled up in our spirit man, He is well able to provide a bountiful table with more than enough. The baskets in my dream were a reminder to me of this very thing. I heard the song about asking Holy Spirit to come and fill me during the night when I awoke to go to the restroom. Perhaps I needed to get up and just let Him fill me and then seek Him further in the morning before moving on to eat my meal.

I won’t go into what has been happening in my life in much detail, but suffice it to say that fear of lack cannot and being “busy” with the cares of this life should not ever be tolerated. The Lord will provide. Not only can He multiply the food, but He can also multiply our time. I was heading to the gym while my husband started out to walk our sweet little dog. I passed by them on my way out and when our little Jesse heard my voice he came running toward the car. I took one look at that and had to turn around, park the car and walk with them.

Today I waited to go the gym until later. I have that option with my current schedule. I didn’t wait to eat breakfast, but finally caught on when all the pieces came together. I could look at things that the Lord was showing me that were strong indicators that He wanted me to wait and spend more time with Him. That is why I am sharing this today. My hope dear friend is that you will pick up on the signals when the Lord is prompting you to come aside with Him for a while.

Today, will you choose to trust Him more and stop allowing fear in spite of what is going on in your life right now? Will you allow Him to speak His words of love and comfort? He wants to fill you up on the inside. He just wants to be with us. That’s how much He loves us. He just enjoys being with us, as we should Him. He is faithful and He will certainly fill you up in the natural things He knows you have need of, like food, water, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc., and sleep.

Below I am listing some scripture references that you can look up as you study this. You may also consider looking at Psalm 42 as it ties in really well to this subject of longing for the Lord. It is seeking His kingdom first and the Father will add all these other things to you. Be  blessed in Jesus Name. Amen.

Scripture References:

Mark 6:31-44

Mark 4:19

Matthew 23:37

Psalm 37:25

Matthew 6:33

1 John 4:18

Psalm 34:8-10

Psalm 42

Song: Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

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